Why you Really Need a Swimming Pool

Real estate stats show that homes with swimming pools consistently rank higher in the eyes of potential buyers than homes without swimming pools. Pool service Sacramento experts say that there is much value that a swimming pool adds to a home. Some of the reasons why you should strongly consider installing a pool include:

  • Bigger leisure space

Pool service Elk Grove experts say that having a swimming pool in the backyard creates a sense of wider space. It actually adds value to the space available as more leisure activities can be done in the pool than an empty backyard.

  • A cool refuge

Having a pool for a pool in a hot climate is more of a necessity than a luxury. The cool pool offers relief from the hot weather. It is a convenient relaxing space for the whole family and friends.

  • High-end pricing

It goes without saying that a home in a high-end market comes with a swimming pool as a near mandatory feature. If you live in a high-end neighborhood, being without a swimming pool actually lowers the value of your home.

For the pool to add value, it has to have some characteristics:

  • Unique Design and style

Infinity pools are all the rage for a reason. The design is simply unique and stunning. There are many designs and styles to pick from. When tasteful landscaping is done in addition to the design, the value of the pool multiplies significantly.

  • Details and Add-ons

Artistic details and other ornamental work make a pool more valuable. Some of the more notable ways of detailing a swimming pool include landscaping, ornamental lighting, and heating. Swimming pools that are heated will command more value than a standard pool.

  • Condition and age of the pool

A Sacramento pool builder says that an ill-maintained pool actually lowers the value of a home because the new owner has to spend money refurbishing it or doing away with it. Many swimming pools older than 20 years require remodeling or reconditioning.

  • Type of building material

The main types of swimming pool building materials are concrete, gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass. Vinyl and fiberglass need replacing like in every 10 years which makes these types of pools less valuable.

  • Sanitization system

A pool builder Sacramento expert says that more expensive sanitization systems including UV radiation and ionization make a pool friendlier and hence more valuable.

Installing a swimming pool will definitely add value to your home. Apart from the financial value of the home, a swimming pool makes the living experience richer. For more details call Shawn at (916) 683-7665 or visit our store at 10471 Grant Line Road, Ste: 130, Elk Grove, CA  95624

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