7 Fun Swimming Pool Games for Kids and Adults

The swimming pool is great for bonding with all kinds of watery fun for kids and adults. A well maintained and clean pool is a source of joy for the whole family. A clean pool with easy pool supplies from a pool supply elk grove store is worth every dollar. These games can be played in both in-ground pools as well as above ground pools

  1. Atomic whirlpool -This is a game for more than 4 players. Start with a wide circle in the pool lining up at the edges. A signal makes everyone go clockwise at a quick pace to make the water go faster. When the water is fast enough to carry the swimmers, try going in the opposite direction.
  2. Monster ball – You will need more than 4 players and 3 beach balls for every 4 players. One player stands at the opposite of the pool while the others line up at the other end. The ‘hitter’ tries to hit those in the water with the balls. Anyone who gets hit gets out and the winner is the last person in the water.
  3. Wet T-shirt relay – You need more than 4 players and 2 large t-shirts. The players form teams that divide themselves equally at the opposite ends of the pool. On the signal ‘Go,’ players at one end swim to the other end and hand over the t-shirt to their team members. The first teams to have all members cross over wins.
  4. Marco polo – You need more than 5 players and a blindfold. The blindfold is tied on one player who is ‘Marco polo.’ The blindfolded player shouts ‘Marco’ and those in the water shout ‘Polo.’ Marco will try to identify the sounds. Whoever gets tagged becomes Marco Polo in the next round.
  5. Pool volleyball – You need more than 4 players, a beach ball and a net. The net divides the pool into two. The game is played on loose volleyball rules mainly that the ball should not touch the water on your side.
  6. Simon says – You need more than 4 players. One player stays out of the water and becomes Simon. When Simon says something, the others must do it as they say, ‘Simon says!’ If Simon says, ‘Clap your hands,’ whoever does not clap while repeating this gets out of the water.
  7. Bobbing heads – You need more than 4 players and a beach ball. One player stays out of the water and plays ‘Whack-a-mole’ with the heads of those in the water. When a player is hit he/she gets out and the last person in the water wins.

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