What is the Best Hot Tub for You?

A portable hot tub, also popularly known as a bullfrog spa is one of the best lifestyle investments you can make. Just like in other comfort purchases, a bullfrog spa has different considerations to make when purchasing. Different brands and types come with different costs, jetting configurations and setting arrangements. Picking a bullfrog spa then really comes down to a lifestyle choice. What is it that you consider when picking a bullfrog spa?

Use and size

How will you be using the spa? Will you frequently have 3 or more friends over in the weekend, or is it just you, your spouse and the family? The socializing trends of a 30’s couple are different from those of a retired couple.

Assess the size of the spa according to external dimensions, depth and water capacity. You should also consider the space where you are to place the bullfrog spa. If you will be placing it on decking, ensure that the decking is able to hold the weight.

Bullfrog spas will typically come with one lounge seat and 3 other upright seats. If you are to spend more time in the water, you could consider asking for replacement of the upright seats with lounge seats.

Quality of build

Cheap spas will be built from rotary molded plastic which is functional but not very attractive. Higher quality spas are made from acrylic material that is attractive, durable and scratch resistant, and also able to resist moisture  damage and pest infestation.

Custom bullfrog spas come with exterior made from hardwood. Modern technology has also enabled use of other materials such as precision molded ABS and composites.

Jet systems

This is what differentiates the value of a bullfrog spa. The jet system provides the hydrotherapy of the spa. There are different jetting flows and arrays including swirling, steady, rhythmic, pulsating and oscillating with each giving a different massage feel.

Energy efficiency

Bullfrog spas can make a hefty contribution to the energy bill because you are heating huge volumes of water. What you should be looking for is a well-designed, insulated and energy efficient spa. Pick a tub with full-foam insulation. The plumbing should also be efficient enough to deliver the water without exposing it a lot, which would necessitate more heating.

Control system and extras

Modern tech like Bluetooth has enabled easier control operations, including controlling the spa jet system from a smartphone. A true luxury unit will also feature a built-in audio system, spa lighting and ozone purifier systems.

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