What Bullfrog Spa Accessories do you Need?

What is a hot tub if it cannot offer a luxury statement? Indeed, if you have a bullfrog spa as an addition to your pool, you have installed it for the luxury value. To get the best from it, you need accessories that make the spa a place where it is possible to spend hours and hours in comfort in the soothing water. You need good quality accessories to keep you and your guests entertained. Pool repair and maintenance experts give some tips on picking bullfrog spa accessories that give offer maximum value.

For comfort and usability

What is the use of a bullfrog spa if it cannot offer luxury easily and in privacy? Here are some accessories for this:

  • Privacy screens

These keep away prying unwanted eyes. The simple type is vinyl folding material. You could go for a more permanent solution like privacy fencing and trellis. Adding a covering screen will also protect your spa from the elements.

  • Surrounds, decking and seating

If you plan to use the spa as a social space to hang out with family and friends, you need seating, decking and surrounds with installed audio-visual entertainment.

  • Steps and in ground installation kits

These are to help easy access in and out of the hot tub. These include steps and hand holds.

  • Cushions and seats

If you and your guests will be spending hours in the spa, you need to be comfortable without feeling like you are swimming hours on end. Adjustable height cushions and height make different users of the spa including kids feel comfortable.

Safety accessories

A bullfrog spa is a safety hazard for unaccompanied kids and pets. Very young children and infants can easily drown in the water, or become dehydrated by long exposure to high temperatures over 100 degrees. Here are some safety accessories to have:

  • Safety cover and lock

These prevent accidental access to the spa. A good lock will keep away the older children who are able to open the cover

  • Cover lift

These are to help hold the cover in place as the hot tub is in use, ensuring that the cover does not come down accidentally.

  • Gates and fences

These provide the first line of defense against unsupervised access to the spa

  • Lighting and hand rails

These help get in and out of the hot tub easily at night. A non-slip surface prevents sliding and falling while accessing the spa.


As a social place, the spa is a place for fun and games. Some accessories for entertainment include audio systems, toys and games.

With some of these accessories, you can be sure to have good value from your bullfrog spa at all times.

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