Sage Pool StoreSage Pools launched it’s business in Elk Grove, California on January 1, 2003. Shawn Sage, the company’s owner, had a clear mission for the company: Show customers how to save themselves thousands of dollars by putting a little “sweat equity” into building their own pool. Even while saving money, Sage Pools provides homeowners with the best of the best in workmanship, all done in a timely manner. Our average timeline from start to finish is 46 days. At the completion of the building process, you will have participated in the creation of the dream pool you deserve. For more details on the owner-builder process visit our You Build It page.

Due to our reputable product and our unsurpassed customer service, Sage Pools has experienced significant growth each and every year since opening for business. We are proud to declare 80% or our business is generated through customer referrals and we have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction standard.

In 2006, in addition to owner-builder pools, we expanded our business by offering customers the choice to have Sage Pools take charge of the building process for them. You can now contract Sage Pools to build your pool for you. For more details on having us build your pool, visit our We Build It page.