Why You Should Build a Pool in the Off-Season

Nearly everyone thinking of building a swimming pool plans to do it in the spring. Swimming pool contractors say this makes it more costly as contractors have more jobs to choose from and can afford to raise prices. Why not build in the off-season when there are fewer people thinking of building pools? There are financial savings, as well as other benefits that will be realized by choosing the offseason (September- January) to build a pool. What are these benefits?

  1. Lower prices

    The offseason is a slow period for pool building contractors. They will readily take any job that comes along, whether it is building a new pool, or spa repair. This is the best time to collect price quotes from pool building contractors.

    Contractors are willing to offer discounts as big as 10% of the usual price. For a standard $100,000 pool, this translates to savings of $10,000 which can be spent on pool landscaping.

  2. Higher attention

    In the spring and summer seasons when there are more customers, pool contractors will opt to go for easier projects that can be completed faster. While it does not necessarily mean that quicker jobs are done badly, a contractor under pressure will not have adequate time to pay attention to comprehensive consultations and changes that may prolong building period.

    In the offseason, you can expect more attention from sales staff that will be happy to answer all your questions. The contractor will be under no pressure to complete your project and will readily make any sensible changes you suggest.

  3. Larger pool of contractors

    You may want a specific pool contractor to work on your job, but find that the contractor is reluctant to take your job if his base is too far away. A busy contractor will be reluctant to work on far out projects which consume commute time. However, if you approach this contractor in the offseason, he will happily send workmen to your distant project site as there is no pressure.

  4. Experienced workmen

    The experience of workmen on the job has a large bearing on the quality of work and duration. In the peak season when a contractor is handling multiple jobs, he will spread the most experienced staff among the projects. When you are the only customer in the offseason, all these experienced staff will be working on your project.

  5. Faster approvals

    If you need to change your pool’s building plan or site, you will need approval from the zoning authorities in some cases. In the peak season when there are many projects requiring such variances, it may take time before the zoning authorities handle your request, but in the offseason, you will get a faster approval.

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